Structural Geology

TGI consultants are structural experts. We provide a pragmatic approach to structural analysis focusing on the geometry of mineralized zones to maximize the effectiveness of drilling.



Services Include:


• Geological Mapping; Regional and Property Scale


• Structural Analysis of Surface and Drill Hole Data


• 43-101 Reports


• Target/Prospect Evaluation

Geotechnical Engineering Services

TGI combines their knowledge and understanding of structural geology with experience in geotechnical engineering to bring value to our client's rock engineering projects.


Services Include:


• Geotechnical Site Characterization


• Rock Mass Characterization


• Open Pit Mine Design


• Design and Implementation of Orientated Geotechnical Diamond Drill Programs


• Slope Stability Analysis

3-D Structural and Geotechnical Modelling

At TGI we believe in a fully IT-integrated approach to geoscientific data collection and management.



Services Include:


• 3D Geotechnical Modelling


• 3D Structural Modelling


• Regional Structural Geology Compilation


• Mapping for Nuclear Waste Disposal

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