Amanda Hyslop

Junior Geological Engineer

Amanda Hyslop, E.I.T. is a junior geological engineer with experience in rockmass characterization and assessment, geotechnical and structural field data collection, and soil and rock laboratory testing. Furthermore, she is a certified drone pilot with over 250 hours of flying time. Ms. Hyslop is currently finalizing her M.A.Sc. at Queen’s University, focused on evaluating the geomechanical behaviour of sea stack formations at the Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park by UAV based photography, 3D photogrammetry models, and numerical modelling. Ms. Hyslop is a registered engineer-in-training with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (APEGNB).

Experience Highlights

UAV survey data collection and processing
Slope stability and geomechanical numerical analysis
Rockmass characterization and assessment
Geotechnical core logging and televiewer surveying
Construction monitoring and quality assurance

Professional Associations

EIT – New Brunswick


Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Geological Engineering, University of New Brunswick (2020)
Master of Applied Science – Geological Engineering, Queen’s University (Present)


Amanda, H., Day, J.J.,Kruse, S. and Snair, K. 2021. Structural and geomechanical analysis of the 2016 Elephant Rock failure at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, New Brunswick. In: Proceedings of GeoNiagra2021 – CGS Annual Conference, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, 9p. 

Amanda, H., Day, J. ,Kruse, S. and Snair, K. 2022. Numerical failure prediction of the Sentinel sea stack formation at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park with input from UAV-based photogrammetry and erosion records. In: Proceedings of GeoCalgary2022 – Canadian Geotechnical Society Annual Conference Proceedings, Calgary, AB, Canada, 10p.

Hoyle, W.R., Day, J.J., Hyslop, A. and Snair, K. 2022. Back analysis of September 5th, 2021 rockfall near Lover’s Arch, Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, New Brunswick. In: Proceedings of Geohazards8 – Annual Canadian Geohazards Conference, Quebec City, QC, Canada, 6p.