Tony Gilman, Terrance Geoscience

Tony Gilman

Senior Rock Mechanics Engineer

Tony Gilman, M.Sc., P.Eng, P.Geo, co-founder of Terrane Geoscience, is a structural geologist and geological engineer with extensive experience in geological mapping, structural geology site analysis, slope stability (soil and rock), rock-mechanics and project management.  Mr. Gilman has over 20 years of experience working in environments varying from mineral exploration and mining to geotechnical engineering, always with a focus on structural geology and rock mechanics.

Experience Highlights 

  • Structural Geology Site Characterization/Analysis
  • Rock Slope Stability and Design
  • Rock Mechanics for Mine Design (Open Pit and Underground)
  • Tunnel Inspection and Design
  • Rock Mass Classification
  • Development of Geotechnical and Structural Models
  • Structural Geology Mapping 

Professional Associations
P.Eng (BC, ON, NB, NS, NL), P.Geo (BC, NB)

B.Sc. Engineering University of New Brunswick, M.Sc. Structural Geology, The Pennsylvania State University.